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For many years, almost all of us have been forced to fend for ourselves when it came to our 401k plans—even those of us who have brokers or financial advisors who help us manage our "other" invested money. If we received any guidance at all on our 401k, it was simply help with choosing mutual funds followed by a "buy and hold" strategy of indefinite duration (typically until our next review).

Well, let me ask: how did the buy and hold approach work for your 401k in 2008?

Which begs the question: "What is your risk management strategy to handle the next MARKET CRASH ?"

Thankfully, my ongoing search to answer this question has led us to partner with the team at American Wealth Investing Institute. For nearly eight years, AWII has furnished spot-on educational analysis and a Bull/Bear Market Signal that has outperformed the S&P 500 by 10 times over an identical period—including 2008 when they were out of the market for almost 11 months! AWII uses "Diagnostic Trading"—a methodology that examines how other people evaluate the market and use that information to make decisions. Specifically, it is a mathematical formula that incorporates seasonal, fundamental, technical and statistical information. It's the difference between strategizing for chess v. just playing checkers, thinking several steps ahead on how others will respond to a move instead of simply reacting after the move has been made.

By NOT using buy and hold and instead focusing on capturing the majority of an upward move and limiting the majority of each downward move in the market, you too can achieve a much greater return on investment. Best of all, we have made the process so simple and quick that even a beginner can follow the Market Signal effectively with a minimal time commitment.

Watch our brief introductory video to learn more:

Additionally, if any of you would like to see how your existing 401k funds would have performed using the Market Signal vs. a buy and hold approach over the past 8 years, please send me an email with your current fund choices and symbols (if you have them) and I will send you a personalized comparative analysis for review.

To ensure that everyone can benefit from this resource, we are offering this program at only $47/per month with no upfront fee or minimum contractual obligation. To sign up for our service through Paypal using your Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express, please go to my homepage:

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