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Estate Planning

Having a properly drafted will is just the beginning. The primary goal of any estate plan should be making sure that your affairs are arranged to minimize taxes, delays and fees while maximizing the value of the wealth you have built. After conducting a thorough assessment of each client's particular situation, we discuss typical estate planning issues including estate tax and income tax minimization, wealth transfer planning, long-term care and nursing home planning, special needs and disability planning, and probate avoidance. We also consider issues such as the potential risk exposures of future beneficiaries, financial aid concerns for clients and beneficiaries planning for higher education costs, and the role of family dynamics in the planning process. From that analysis, and with our clients' personal and financial goals in mind, we design estate plans that ensure the financial security and success of our clients and their loved ones.

Medicaid Planning

In both emergency and non-emergency Medicaid Planning, we guide families through the strenuous process of qualifying for long-term care benefits, including Medicaid. We also work closely with firms who specialize in handling the actual application process from start to finish. Whether planning for the future or facing an imminent nursing home stay, we will help you analyze the potential exposure of each asset and offer specific recommendations and planning options to best protect your life savings.

As comprehensive planners, we are well-versed in all types of life insurance, long-term care insurance (including "hybrid" products) and Medicaid-qualified Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIAs). Most importantly, our unique perspective—from both legal and financial standpoints—affords us the ability to simultaneously integrate and coordinate the best legal structure with optimal financial products; essentially keeping everything "in sync".

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Do you know if, on an after tax basis, your sources of retirement income will be enough for you to live on? Would it be helpful to have your entire retirement cash flow "picture" on one page? We have a unique planning software that cuts out the "fluff" of traditional financial plans and just gives you the "money shot" you want to see.

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